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Join the Circle!

18-20.05.2023, Kraków

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About the festival

Soulstone Gather Festival is a celebration of the doom metal filth, of the blues-rock intrigue, of the stoner psychedelic atmosphere, and… not only that - we like to experiment with other genres!

Moreover, decorations and modern forms of artistic expression, such as visualisations or 3D mapping are an integral part of the festival.
For this reason, when entering our humble abode, you might get the feeling that the door to Narnia really does exist…

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Don’t hesitate!
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Three days filled with music and art that will take you to another reality await you.

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How to get


You are probably going to be using some sort of a map. Enter “Kamienna 12” into your navigation system. Please remember that there are no parking spots on the festival grounds. You can park along Kamienna street at indicated places.


Get off at the “Dworzec Towarowy” stop. From there you’ll need to take a circa 7 minute long walk to your destination. Head into the direction of a train flyover. Once you go past it, you'll see a gate to your left - that’s where the festival is taking place.


If you’ve chosen to reach us by bus, get off at the “Biskupa Prandoty” stop. It’s just a 5 minute walk from there. Go straight along the street and turn right into Kamienna street at the nearest opportunity.



Thursday 18 may

Main Stage

  • Corrosion of Conformity | 22:00
  • King Buffalo | 20:15
  • Church of Misery | 18:30
  • Messa | 24:00
  • Krzta | 17:15
  • Afterparty: Havaya | 1:00

Vintage Stage

  • Wyatt E. | 23:15
  • Sum Of R | 21:15
  • Acidsitter | 19:30

Friday 19 may

Main stage

  • Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats | 24:00
  • Blood Ceremony | 22:00
  • The Devil and the Almighty Blues | 20:15
  • Gaupa | 18:30
  • Spaceslug | 17:15
  • Afterparty: Favorit89 | 1:15

Vintage Stage

  • Moonstone | 23:15
  • Sturle Dagsland | 21:15
  • Stonerror | 19:30

Saturday 20 may

Soulstone Gathering Festival 2024 Showcase
  • Mars Red Sky | 22:30
  • Sautrus | 21:15
  • Ketha | 20:10
  • Angrrsth | 19:05
  • Kryształ | 18:00
  • Afterparty: Red Smoke Dance Experience | 24:00
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